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CRUSH 2023 PROMO 1 .jpg

Crush Bon Jovi Experience have been wowing audiences with their live stage show and authentic musical renditions of Bon Jovi’s greatest hits for the better part of a decade! Crush is led by front man and lead singer Doug Shepard,  who strongly resembles Jon Bon Jovi captures not only Jon’s look but also his energetic showmanship!


On lead guitar, Andrew “Drew” Goodpaster plays all of the signature Richie Sambora riffs. His monstrous guitar tone and signature talk box licks help make Crush's live show one that Bon Jovi fans go wild over.  The heart and backbeat of the group is Brian Barchman on drums who captures all the rhythmic drum groves and steady beats of Bon Jovi setting Crush apart from other tribute acts. Completing the lineup, Robin Altmeyer on bass along with Chip McGurer on keys, and Anna Martinez Shepard on backing vocals, violin, and percussion, help to fill out the legendary sound of Bon Jovi, making Crush a Bon Jovi Experience like NO OTHER!!

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